General practice Chair №2


Urazova Saltanat Nurgozhaevna

head of chair
Head of the department, Ph.D. of Medical Sciences, is the head of department of AFP #2 since 2008. After graduation of clinical residency and post-graduate studies at the Kharkov Medical Institute, she defended her Ph.D. thesis on children's pulmonology. She is a member of "Allergologists and Clinical Immunologists Association", "Pediatricians Association", "Family Doctors Association" of the Republic of Kazakhstan and worked at the Department of Children's Diseases №1 of JSC "MUA" for a long time. In 2000-2003 Urazova studied by training of PHC specialists, organized by the British Council for teachers of the departments of family medicine (London, Bristol, Almaty). She conducted many master classes for university teachers on interactive teaching methods. Urazova has a broad clinical and pedagogical work experience. She gives lectures and conducts classes in pediatrics, allergology, evidence-based medicine, general medical practice. Currently, the main scientific and clinical purposes of Urazova Saltanat Nurgozhaevna are allergology, pulmonology. She actively engages in clinical advisory work in polyclinic №4, polyclinic №10 and allergy center "Umit" and has the highest qualification category in the specialty “Pediatrics”. Urazova did scientific research in the effectiveness of children's treatment of bronchial asthma. In 2010 Urazova defended PH.D. thesis on the peculiarities of clinical course, diagnosis and treatment of bronchial asthma in children with concomitant endocrine diseases. She is an author of more than 100 scientific publications, methodical recommendations, 7 patents. Urazova S.N. is a participant of many scientific and practical conferences, master classes of international and republican levels and has passed numerous clinical, pedagogical and scientific courses. Urazova has a badges: "Денсаулықсақтауісінеқосқанүлесіүшін", "50 years of Medical University Astana", "For special merits in the development of family medicine system of the Republic of Kazakhstan".


Atalykova Gauhar Toleubekovna

MD, doctor of the highest category, head teacher of the Chair

Alzhanova Kulyash Japbarovna

Associate Professor
cms, doctor of the highest category

Tsai Elena Moiseevna


Amirgalieva Gulmira Nurmashevna

doctor of the highest category

Formation story

The Chair of general practice №2 was organized at the faculty of continuous professional development and additional education of JSC "AMU" in September 2007.The first head of the Chair since the opening was the associate professor, candidate of medical sciences Turebekov Duman Kazhhibaevich. Since October 2008, the Chair is headed by Dr. Sultanat Nurgozhaevna Urazova.


·      Planning and organization of educational, methodical, clinical work, current, intermediate and final control of doctors on the cycles of retraining and advanced training.

·      Preparation of highly skilled health workforce.

·      The priority direction of the Chair is the current issues of out-patient and polyclinic assistance to the population in the framework of the implementation of the state program for the development of healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Densauly" 2016-2019.

·      Within the framework of the road map for the implementation of the project "Modernization of medical education" for 2016-2019.MoHotRoKat the Chair conducted cycles on communication skills for all students of PP and PC (216h), which are trained in JSC "AMU".

·      Scientific priorities of the Chair are research in the field of pediatric allergology, the search for effective diagnosis and treatment of bronchial asthma in children.The scientific search for the staff of the Chair has other areas: Assistance to families raising children with autism spectrum disorders, solving problems of adolescent medicine


·      Development of working programs, working curricula for new TMP for cycles of retraining and advanced training of doctors.

·      Conducting Chair of meetings on planned and current issues.

·      Realization of social activity at the Chair

·      Improvement of the teaching staff of the Chair

·      Improvement of the management system material and technical support of the Chair.


Chair of GP №2 is aimed at creating conditions for the provision of quality postgraduate education in the following specialties: «General Practice», «Allergology», «Nephrology», «Medical Rehabilitation», «Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics».The chair conducts cycles on communicative skills on the cycles of PP and PC physicians.The Chair participates in the training of highly qualified specialists by providing a high level of quality teaching, involving all employees in the education process, using innovative technologies that promote the induction of creative activity of listeners.


The Chair works in partnership with organizations of practical public health services and is sensitive to the changing demands of the conjuncture.Acts of introduction on clinic, innovative patents are received. Introduced a new educational technology: "Integrated interdisciplinary lecture" (№0000015(17)).

November 16, 2017 a round table was held on the topic: "Intersectoral cooperation on diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation of children with autism spectrum disorder".New working curricula have been developed and new cycles of professional development have been introduced, taking into account the requirements of TMP approved in 2017. Joint social work with the Chair of Psychiatry and Narcology of JSC "MUA", assistant Degtyar T.I. and SCOMH psychiatrist – suicidologist Mironova E.K,PA "Children with disabilities of Astana",management of education in Astanato help families who raise children with special needs. Members of the Chair participated in international conferences.By order of the MoHotRoK, the cycle "Development of the communicative skills of students in clinical disciplines" was conducted with the TS Asfendiyarov S.D.

Chair of the GP №2 for many years actively cooperates with the youth center «Rauan» PUonERM№4, CC "ZhasylZhailau" PA "Children with disabilities of Astana". The main activities are to work among the population on the fight against drugs, preventive care in the fight against HIV and AIDS, the fight against smoking and using nasvay, aid to families with children with ASD.


Contact data

Astana,Kosheshygulystr. №8, PUonERM №10.