Dean's office of the faculty of continuous professional development and additional education


Saparova Lyailum Tasbulatovna



Тугельбаева Кызылгуль Алимовна

Кабакова Жазира Аманболовна

Chief specialist

Ибраева Алтынай Ибраевна

Chief specialist

Абдуллина Жупар Хайратовна

Veading expert

Мухтарова Индира Багдатовна

Veading expert

Аманжолова Акбота Гауезовна


Садвакасова Жадыра Касымхановна


Formation story

University's strategy is aimed at meeting the needs of people being taught and medical personnel of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the higher professional and postgraduate education, at the advanced training and continuing professional development. The implementation of which for more than 10 years is conducted by the Faculty of continuing professional development and additional education (hereinafter referred as the Faculty of CPDAE). 
According to the decision of administration taken on 7thof January, 2002 the Faculty of CPDAE was organized as a faculty of advanced training for doctors. Since January 2009, in connection with the reorganization of the RSE "Kazakh State Medical Academy" to JSC "Astana Medical University" the Faculty was renamed into the Faculty of continuing professional development and additional education. The first head of the Faculty was Doctor of Medicine, Professor Tsoy Oleg Gilenovich. Since 2007, the dean of CPDAE Faculty is a candidate of medical science, assistant professor Saparova Lyaylyum Tasbulatovna.


Mission and goals

–to meet the demands of medical health practitioners through the implementation of continuous professional development and additional education programs; 
–to implement additional professional education for medical personnel in accordance with the requirements of state standards of additional education programs (hereinafter - SSAE); 
–to improve educational process (educational programs and services) in accordance with the demands of the healthcare system, the requirements and expectations of direct consumers, stakeholders;
–to conduct research, analysis and implementation of advanced, and in particular foreign experience in improvement of specialists’ level of professional skills;


–Today, 16 departments in different specialties were organized taking into account the needs of regions in practical public healthcare specialists’ education, where work approximately 100 highly qualified staff members. 
–In close cooperation with the healthcare authorities of regions and healthcare organizations the Faculty plans and conducts the advanced training and retraining within the frames of 005 republican budgetary program "Advanced training and retraining of state healthcare organization’s specialists" , 036, 010 budgetary programs, and also conducts contract courses. 
–Faculty of continuous professional development and additional education provides all kinds of additional education for health professionals:
–RT - (retraining) in the amount of 864 hours to 1080 hours (4-5 months), depending on the specialty (therapeutic and surgical profile, respectively).  
–AT (advanced training) in the amount of 54, 108, 162, 216 hours. (1, 2, 3, 4 weeks, respectively). 
–Workshops, seminars, training sessions at the requests of the Kazakhstani medical organizations.  
Advanced training and retraining of healthcare professionals is conducted in accordance with the SSAE on 44 medical specialties (order of MHSD of RK №778 dated November 26, 2009): 
• Therapy (adolescent therapy, ambulance and emergency medical services)
• General practice (family medicine)
• Cardiology (adult, children) interventional 
• Rheumatology (adult, children) 
• Allergology and Immunology (adult, children)  
• Gastroenterology (adult, children) 
• Pulmonary (adult, children) 
• Phthisiology (adult, children) 
• Endocrinology (adult, children) 
• Nephrology (adult, children) 
• Neuropathology (adult, children)  
• Psychiatry (narcology, psychotherapy, sexual pathology, medical psychology, forensic psychiatric examination, forensic drug testing)  
• Medical Rehabilitation, rehabilitation treatment (physiotherapy, physiotherapy, balneology) 
• Sports medicine 
• Traditional Therapy (reflexology, manual therapy, Su-Jok therapy, homeopathy, hirudotherapy, phytotherapy)
• Radiation therapy (Radiology) 
• Beam diagnostics (radiology, CT and magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound diagnostics)
• Functional diagnostics
• Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
• Clinical Pharmacology
• Professional pathology (occupational medicine)
• Infectious diseases (adults, children)
• Dermatology (venereology, dermatology, dermatocosmetology) (adult, children) 
• Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (adult, children)  
• General Surgery (Thoracic, proctology)
• Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (adult, children)
• Oncology (chemotherapy, mammalogy) (adult, children)  
• Urology and Andrology (adult, children) 
• Ophthalmology (adult, children)  
• Otorhinolaryngology (Audiology) (adult, children)
• Pathological Anatomy (adult, children)  
• Pediatrics (ambulance and emergency medical services)  
• Obstetrics and gynecology 
• Forensic-medical examination 
• Health Management 
• Public Health / Public Health (valeology, epidemiology, statistics, methodology)
• Nursing and others.
–In order to create conditions for the continuous improvement and enhance the satisfaction of stakeholders, since 2006 ISO 9001:2008 management system was implemented has been continuously improved at the Faculty. Today, the aforesaid system is integrated with quality management systems of corporate social responsibility (ISO 26000: 2010) and informational security (ISO 27001: 2005. The practice of management by objectives, indicators, benchmarking and self-assessment are effectively functioning in accordance with the methodology of the EFQM Excellence Model. 
–The Departments are based in clinical bases of the Republican centers, clinics, research institutes and medical organizations in Astana, supplied with modern medical equipment. The teaching staff of the departments provide with a high level of consultative, diagnostic, and also therapeutic activities at clinical bases, as well as during the trips to the regions. The Faculty has its own accommodation facility for 60 seats.

Contact data

Astana, Beibitshilik str. 49/1. Tel. / Fax: (7172) 53-95-45, 53-95-23, 53-94-38