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Omarova Venera Amirzhanovna – doctor of medical sciences, professor, director of the museum. 

In 1989-1999 she worked as Pro-rector for academic and educational activities.



Kasenova Farida UmutalinovnaMethodist

graduate of  the Taldykorgan Pedagogy University named by I.Zhansugurov 

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Kenjegulova Nazira ZhumalievnaMethodist

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Nurpeiskyzy AsselMethodist



Astana sity, Beybitshilik st., 51


Telephone: 56 98 61



By the decision of Board 4 November 2010, the protocol № 36, and the Board of Directors, protocol № 12 of December 14, 2010, it was decided to create a Museum of JSC "Astana Medical University" (here in after - the University).

University museum's mission - to promote the history of the University


–Collection of materials, working on exhibitions, acquisition of funds, accounting, storage, protection of museum collections and, of course, work with visitors.

–The formation of cultural, student by fostering active citizenship, development of a sense of patriotism and pride for the achievements of teachers and employees of the University;

Continuous work on the collection, registration, preservation and study of monuments of material and spiritual culture, and on this basis the formation of the scientific funds of the museum

Preservation of museum collections, as well as the creation of conditions for their widespread use;

Create a system of registration of museum collections;

Create full expositions and temporary exhibitions on the basis of the study and collection of the material in accordance with the methodological principles of museum management in all specialized museums;

Carrying out mass scientific and educational work with students, graduate students, teachers, employees of the University, both in the museum and outside, through guided tours, lectures, discussions, museum lessons, evening reunions, science and culture, etc. .

Holding the commemoration of events related to the life of the university;

Activities on professional orientation of pupils of schools and students.


–Thematic tours of the history of the University for students 1-5 courses in the museum and in electronic form outside the museum;

Study, generalize and use in their work experience museums of higher education institutions in the region and the Republic of Kazakhstan as a whole;

Continuous and purposeful acquisition of museum collections

–Creating optimal conditions for the preservation , study and use of museum objects

Preparation of museum objects for their demonstration through the creation of museum exhibitions

Coordination of the development of electronic museum expositions and placing them on the official website of the University

Establish contacts with educational institutions, institutions and other organizations to provide scientific and methodological and organizational assistance

Participate in the formation of a positive image of the university across regions and areas.

Interaction with other departments

Сientific processing collections, along with the museum staff may exercise instructors, researchers, graduate students and students of the University.

Acquisition University Museum collection is carried out by the donation of the property of the museum collections or items from organizations and individuals; systematic work on search and copying of archival materials;

conducting photo and video chronicles the University's modern history.

Director of the museum for the current activity interacts with all the structural units of the University.