The Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology                   



Maralov Almaz Amantayevich - head of the Department. Appointed as a head of the department in 2012. The main task of the head of information technology department is to create and ensure the smooth functioning of the information-technical base at university.


Zhumabaev Sayat - Chief Engineer

Natalya Sergeeva - System Administrator

Kovalev Aleksandr - Engineer

Mukashev Aslan - Systems Engineer

Arslanov Arman - Systems Engineer


-The University provides purchase, installation and operation of all the components of the computing of the University network - cable systems, information flow switching devices, protection network, telephone system, ensures the development and maintenance of university-wide network services, including the official website, corporate email, working       catalogues of users, the electronic document flow system, authorization and accounting system access to the network, repair of computer equipment, video surveillance and so on.

-All computers are connected in a single network. The total number of computers is 1124 pcs., 10 servers, providing Internet connection and functioning of the corporate computer network of university.

-Almost all the students and staff have access to the information resources of the University.

-Internet access 873 computers through a local area network (organized by the high-speed DSL-channel of JSC "Kazakhtelecom" at a speed of 70 Mbit/sec for unlimited traffic, which increased the time of user access to the Internet.

-Lecture halls of the university equipped with presentation equipment (acoustic and projection equipment, lecture podium, PA system and microphones with the installation, projectors and screens with the installation); multimedia projectors.

-The university management system "Electronic University" is developing. It is built on the basis of analysis of core business processes of university management organization, covers the organization issues of educational process, research and development management, human resources and economic systems. Single information space was created, which develops autonomously, allows subsystems to interact internally. 


Information Technology Department was established in January 2009. The first head of the department was appointed Aldongar Zhastalap, who previously headed the test center.

In 2012, the head of the department became Maralov Almaz Amantayevich.

Furthermore, in 2012 a position of chief specialist for information security appeared at the department. In the same year, the material and technical base of the department increased.


-the formation of a unified information technology system of the University by the organization on the basis of modern computer technology system for collecting, processing, storing and presenting information;

-to provide a dynamic evaluation and information support of decision-making aimed at the development of IT-technologies and improving the level of information;

-maintenance and repair of office equipment, local area network;

-test software and debugging;

-to manage and provide users with access to databases of the programs;

-setting and maintaining a state of corporate data network;

-increase the awareness in information security through the dissemination of legal and regulatory documents in the field of information security, providing training for employees of the University;

-assisting structural units in the evaluation and management of information risk, ensuring compliance with legislation and regulatory framework and identifying information security vulnerabilities;


The development and improvement of information technology of the University by:

-the introduction of new information and communication systems in the management and administrative and the educational process;

-modernization of the existing information and communication systems in accordance with the requirements of new technologies in the information environment;

-ensuring the smooth functioning of systems and equipment, as well as rapid response to emerging violations during operation. Modernization of technical means, which are in use. Monitoring the conditions of the office equipment, computer and network equipment;

-monitoring compliance with the rules on information security at the University;

-maintenance of the University network in an efficient condition;

-information and communication support in holding cultural, educational and administrative activities of the University;

-preparation of normative documents (rules, recommendations) for working with computer equipment and software, as well as control over their implementation.


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