The Sport club Department

The Sport club Department



Atetov Erden Bekbulatovich
-  the head of Sport club


Abdakhin Serik Nurgalievich - Honored coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan in weight lifting
Bespalova Inga Fedorovna - volleyball coach
Kozhemyakina Nadezhda Nikolaevna - volleyball coach
Makhanbet Medet Eltaevich - Jiu - Jitsu coach
Byrman Moldir - dance coach
Danyarova Ainur Aitymovna - Methodist




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Beibitshilik St 49/A, Astana

cabinet 101, 102



The department of physical culture was founded in 1964 year from the day of establishment Tselinograd state medical institute.

The Sport club cultivates the different types of sport for preparation of sport reserve. A.N. Fursa, A.V. Kanaikin, E.Z. Akhanov, S.B. Bisembaev, B.S. Sattyklyshov were the heads of the department in different years. Since 2015 year and presently the head of Sportclub department is Atetov Erden Bekbulatovich.

Today the department has the following sections such as ju-jutsu, judo, kazakh fight, football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, togyz kumalak, chess, armrest ling, weight sport, boxing, skis, sport dances. The members of sport club are more than 300 students of university. The trainers of sport club are experienced coaches having high sport ranks.


- creation of favorable possibilities for satisfaction of the varied interests of students, teachers and employees of University in the questions of healthy way of life and in area of physical culture and sport;

- forming of the all-round developed personality of student by facilities of physical culture and sport;

- creation of optimal terms for development in the different types of sport;   


- to carry out young people bringing in to the sport way of life;

- To conduct propaganda of healthy way of life, correct feed, introduction of physical culture and sport in the mode of studies, labour and rest of students and employees of University; ‘

- To conduct work on sport perfection of students, preparation and direction of collapsible commands of University on republican and international competitions;

- To engage in establishing of international connections and collaboration with sport student organizations in Republic of Kazakhstan and with foreign universities;

- to organize and conducts mass health, athletic and sport events;

- to develop and realize the calendar plans of mass health, athletic and sport events, traditional sports and athletics meeting, providing of safety of their realization;

- to provide the rational and effective use materially of technical base - sport building, inventory and equipment, in the sport apartments of the University.