Dear University workers!


We invite you to the extended meeting of the Academic Council, where the Rector of the University Professor Dainius Pavalkis will acquaint the workers with the strategy of NJSC “AMU” for 2019-2023.

Date and time: April 22, 4 pm.

Venue: Assembly Hall in the main building of the University, Beybitshilik st. 49A.


1. Imanberdi Q.B. - Vice-rector for financial, economic and service work.

Report on the financial, economic and service activities of AMU for 2018.

2. Syzdykov B.A. - executive director of administrative work.

Report on the results of work on the prevention and combating corruption at the University.

3. Zhaksylykova G.A. - Vice-rector for educational work,

Tursyntai A. - President of the Student Council.

On the steps of the University into the League of Academic Integrity.

4. Deans of faculties.

On the course of preparation for the independent examination of interns, residents for the 2018-2019 academic year.

5. Kutnyakova A.V. - corporate secretary

On changing the composition of governing bodies at the University.

6. D. Pavalkis - Rector of NJSC “AMU”.

On the strategic directions for the development of the University for 2019-2023.

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