Mar 11, 2019

Purple day

On March 5, 2019, an event dedicated to the International Day for Epilepsy Information was held at the City Children’s Hospital No.2. On this day, doctors and residents of the Chair of Neurology and Rehabilitation, as well as employees of the Chair of Neurology of the Astana Medical University headed by Professor of the Chair A.Kh. Dzhaksybayeva consulted parents of children with epilepsy. More than 30 children were examined, most of whom, already in the older age groups, were not examined and for the first time were diagnosed with Epilepsy. These children were recommended detailed examination and selection of drugs. During the examination, the “Tuberous sclerosis complex” was first detected in a child at the age of one and a half months, who already had a heart rhabdomyoma. Also, parents of children were told what epilepsy is, about first aid measures for attacks, and informational booklets and purple bracelets were also prepared. The motto of the day was “Do not lose hope” and the symbol – Fawn with a purple bow. On this day, doctors, parents and children played a lot, painted and held contests. All children were presented with colorful gifts, purple bracelets, as well as delicious pancakes with a deer pattern.

“Purple Day” was coined in 2008. Its creator is a little girl, who at the time was only nine years old, her name is Megan Cassidy. Purple Day is an annual international event that aims to raise awareness of a disease like epilepsy. Epilepsy is a disease that many people suffer from, and society must know all the necessary information in order to support them.




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