Mar 6, 2019

The relay of bonifying

Our student charity organization “Bonum” announced the start of the “Zhaksylyk zhasap zharysaiyk” relay (“Let’s compete in bonifying”) and invites all groups to take part in it. The students of the “GM” 103-group were the first to start the relay, helping the mother of five children, Gulmira. Students purchased food, household items, stationery, which were distributed to family members. Now the relay is continued by the “GM” 229-group, from whom we also expect good news.

Dear students, you can also take part in this relay, as well as become a member of “Bonum”. Do not stand aside, participate in rendering assistance to children in need of treatment, medication, social support. In addition, the activities of the student charity organization “Bonum” are aimed at helping children from social rehabilitation centers and orphanages. Come and be a member of the organization!

Contacts: +7 707 890 01 99, Aliya Kalmurzayeva; +7 775 398 15 48, Asylay Yermanova.


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