Feb 8, 2019


From February 15 till February 16, 2019, the Scientific and Practical Conference “MAINTAINING PREGNANT WOMEN WITH EXTRAGENITAL PATHOLOGY IN A MULTI-FIELD HOSPITAL STATION” will be held on the basis of the Astana City Hospital No.2.

The conference organizers are:

  • City General Hospital №2, Astana;
  • JSC Astana Medical University: Internship Chair of Internal Medicine, Chair of Family and Evidence-Based Medicine, Chair of cardiology, internal medicine, MSE and rehabilitation;
  • Association “GastroHepatoTransplantGroupAstana”.

The official sponsor: Takeda.

Location: City Multifield Hospital No.2, Astana.

Address: Astana, st. T. Ryskulova, 6.

Registration for the conference is open until February 14, 2019, e-mail:

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