Feb 6, 2019

Student offense prevention

On February 5, 2019, within the framework of the Year of Youth, JSC “Astana Medical University” held a traditional meeting of first-year students of all specialties with representatives of the Mayor’s office of Astana, the prosecutor’s office, the National Security Committee and the Department of Internal Affairs dedicated to crime prevention in the student community.

The meeting was attended by: Major General of the National Security Committee, head of the branch of the public organization “Council of Generals” in Astana Aizhulov T.G., prosecutor of the Baikonyr district prosecutor’s office in Astana Ketepov A.N., chief specialist of the SI “Department for social development” of the Astana Mayor’s office Tastemir A. and senior inspector of the Astana Local Police Service of the Ministry of Internal affairs, police major Serikbayeva A.A.

During the meeting, the rules of behavior of students at the university and the city were discussed and examples of real situations and options for action in them were given. The speakers also touched upon the themes of fraud, the impact of social networks on young people, and also explained the norms of the laws on rallies and others. The questions of young people were given exhaustive answers.

Preventive work with students is a complex, multidimensional and long-term process, the success of which largely depends on the scientific nature and complexity of approaches, the rational use of the educational potential, the forces, means and forms of influence on student youth through targeted and precise management of the educational process.

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