Jan 10, 2019

Curatorial hour with the theologian

First-year students of the group No.152 of the General Medicine faculty attended a lecture by the theologian Marat Smagulov about Islam. The lecturer particularly touched upon the topic of Islam’s attitude to medicine, the Islamic concept of the approach to the human body and its treatment, and the influence of the scientific work of Ibn Sina’s “Al-Qanun fit-Tibb” or “Canon of medical science”. The book “Al-Qanun Fit-Tib” is considered as a unique document that contains all the medical knowledge accumulated over many civilizations that existed before the times of Ibn Sina. Helping a sick person is one of the holy duties of Muslims, and this duty can be performed only by a doctor. Students received answers to the questions they asked. At the end of the lecture, students thanked the lecturer for the interesting and informative lecture. The meeting was organized by the curator Gulshat Yerdenova.

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