Job fair


The job fair is an annual traditional event that gives our graduates the opportunity to find a job and at the same time allows them to provide medical system of Kazakhstan with medical personnel.

Employment and distribution of medical personnel across the regions of Kazakhstan is one of the important areas of the “Salamatty Kazakhstan” state program for the development of healthcare implemented in the country.

Astana Medical University is actively working to ensure practical health care with qualified personnel.

The main criterion for the quality of training is their relevance. Our University trains more than 500 specialists.

Every year, a personal distribution of graduates “Job Fair” is held, to which representatives of the Health Administrations of the RK regions, heads of district, city and regional medical organizations, representatives and heads of mayor’s offices of the supervised regions (Astana, Akmola region, North Kazakhstan region) are invited.

The level employment of our graduates is more than 90% in all specialties.