Computer Testing Department


Tleshova Nurgul Serikovna

Head of the Department


Nugusheva Dina Albekovna

leading specialist

Shaykenova Saltanat Kenzhebaevna


Zholdybayeva Gulmira

Chieif specialist

Idirisova Gulderay Beybitovna


Khozhagaparova Sana Bakhytovna

leading specialist

Bakhytzhan Janayim Panabekkyzy


Formation story

Computer Testing Department was founded with the aim of organizing and implementation the centralized testing of students’ knowledge. The department carries out its activity in accordance with the Law “About education”, the Rules of organization of higher education institutions, the Charter of JSC “AMU”, and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the education field. The activity is supervised by the Vice-rector for educational affairs Zhaxsylykova G. A.

From the first days the testing center was headed by Seytkulova G.K. after  Aldongar Zhastalap Ondasynovich. Since November 2008 till now Tleshova Nurgul Serikovna is the head of the center.  The Testing Center was included into the department of technical ensuring educational process under the leadership of Zhumasheva Z.S. and it was renamed into the Center of computer training and testing due to the reorganization of KazGMA in 2008. In January 2009, the Center of computer training and testing was excluded from the Department and in September 2011, it was renamed into Computer Testing Department.  In October 2013, the department was a part of the Center of medical education. Since 2014 due to the reorganization of structure of higher education institutions, the department operates as separate structural division.


1)Implementation of the centralized testing service of students’ knowledge;

2)Improvement of the test control of knowledge in the educational activities of JSC “Astana Medical University”, implementing and maintaining an appropriate level of computer technology testing students’ knowledge;

3)Organization and carrying out students complex testing of in core subjects of higher education programs;

4)The establishment and formation of the Bank of tests and test tasks;

5)Monitoring and evaluation, monitoring the quality of test items MCQ format using Iteman 4.3 software;

6)Organization and carrying out testing of students for checking the test tasks, and reporting on post-test analysis of different departments, on request of the management;

7)The application of tests passed approbation  through the program of statistical analysis Iteman 4.3 of different kinds in the learning process


1)organization and conducting of testing;

2)organization and ensuring trouble-free operation of com puter classes;

3)processing and recording of test results;

4)continuous updating and systematization of the software;

5)updating the database of MEDINFO progress of students of all courses;

6)automating the process of test monitoring of students’ knowledge;

7)the creation and formation of the Bank of tests and test tasks;

8)technical expertise of test tasks.


The department of computer testing carries out:

–midterm control;


–examinations of students of junior and senior courses;

–annual certification of interns;

final state examination courses;

–entrance examinations for interns, undergraduates, residents, doctoral candidates.


Contact data

Astana, Beibitshilik str, 49A,

JSC “Astana Medical University”

4 floor, 402-a cabinet

tel: 8(7172)53-95-73