Educational clinical center


Zhumadilov Daulet Shaymardanovich

head of center


Dulatova Janara Baltabekovna

chief specialist

Talasbayeva Kenjegul Shamenovna


Japasheva Aizhan Targatkyzy


Kapanova Dinara Serikpaevna


Shaermanov Talgat Seifullaevich

systems engineer

Beisova Gulnara Talgatovna

senior lab assistant

Turmanova Markhabat Derjanovna

senior lab assistant

Zhenis Asygat Amankeldiuly

senior lab assistant


–Provide with appropriate education environment for clinical training under the conditions of the center;

–Organization and introduction of integrated learning and teaching of the clinical skills applying various methods of learning, using the clinical skills in learning and teaching: “robots- models, moulages, training facilities, automatized virtual models, interactive training computer programs, audio- video materials on directions”  internal diseases, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics-gynecology, reanimation and anesthesiology, inviting the standardized patients for training and assessment of clinical skills as possible;

–Participation on modernization of academic process in accordance with modern requirements, realization of strategy of educational activity development of the University;

–Formation of skills of independent and self- directed learning of students and realization of learning principles throughout the life;

–Organization and carrying out the objective structuralizes clinical exam –OSCE;

–Organization and control of methodical supply of carrying- out the OSCE;

–Development and creation of data-base on training programs and test tasks on clinical skills;

–Organization and carrying- out the monitoring of clinical training quality of the students under the conditions of the teaching- clinical center;

–Development and creation of data base on monitoring of training quality of students in the field of clinical skills and results of OSCE;

–Organization and control of methodical supply of academic process in the teaching- clinical center;

–Promotion of improvement of clinical training quality of specialists qualification improvement of professors and teachers in the field of teaching clinical skills;

–Development, rational distribution and effective use of material- technical resources of the center;


Teaching- clinical center (further- The Center) is a structural subdivision of the University which provides with safe, reliable education environment for training clinical skills, with possibilities to develop, to support and to improve clinical competency.

In its activity The Center is administered with:

The law of Education of the RK;

Normative Legislative acts of the ministry of “Health Care” and social protection of the RK and ministry of education and science of the RK;

The State compulsory education standards of Education of the RK (further- GOSO RK) and other legislation of the RK in force;

Charter of the University;

International standard of the ISO 9001:2008 “System of quality management: Requirements”;

International standard ISO 26000: 2010 “Manual on social responsibility”;

International standard ISO/ MEK 27001: 2005 “Informative technologies. Methods of protection. System of information protection management. Re4quirements”;

Internal normative- regulating documents of integrated system of management of the University;

Code of corporative culture and ethnics of the University;

Rules of internal labour regulation of the University;

University standard: “Security of labour safe and protection”;

Rules of safe technics, rules of fire safe and other normative documents on labour protection;


Contact data

Str . Beibitshilik 49A

5 - floor, 510 - cab.

Tel: 53-95-21