Department of planning and organization of educational process


Досанова Багдат Рахимовна

Head of the Department


Молдажанова Гульсая Сабыровна

Chief specialist

Сейльбекова Елдана Жандосовна

Chief specialist

Кадирова Асель Мухаметхановна

Chief specialist

Иманбекова Камшат Куандыккызы

Veading specialist

Formation story

The University was founded in 1964. That same year was organized Educational Department led by Molozhanova A.P.

Since 1975, the department was led by Tarasova Galina.

Since 2004 to the present day, the department is led by Dosanova Bagdat Rakhimovna.

Ryzhih T.I. – Senior Inspector, a veteran of the University, has worked in the Department for 25 years. During the years of responsible work earned the respect of staff and the students, nurtured several generations of young professionals. For her devoted work she was awarded a recognition letter by the Ministry of Health, and has been certified in Audit and Quality Management.

The Educational Department, due to the restructuring of the University, has been renamed into the Department of educational process planning.


Improvement of  the educational process through the forward planning, timely organization and rational coordination of the educational process at the university, including the automation of these processes;

Provision with quality services to the consumers; 

Continuing professional and personal development of department staff.


-         Forming the modular educational programs, working curricula, working plans, schedule of the educational process, schedule checks, academic calendars;

-         Scheduling the classes and examinations for all faculties of 1-5 year, and also for medical interns Year 1-2 of internship;

-         Scheduling mid-term attestation (examinations) and the final attestation (state exam) for all the faculties from 1 to 7 Year.

-         Conforming schedules with the departments;

-         Coordination of current educational process;

-         Calculation and distribution of teaching load of departments;

-         Distribution of classrooms for learning process.