Student's registration Department


Алиева Мухаббат Байтемировна

Head of the Department


Манакбаева Тамила Айдаровна

Chief specialist

Formation story

In 2006, the department of students’registrationwas formed by thedecision of the university’s administration in order to separate it from the academic department as an independent unit to store personal students’ files of all faculties. Department is a structural unit of the University, acting on the basis of the Charter of the University and in itspractical work, guided by the orders and instructions of the rector.

In 2006, it was called "Department of students’affairs". A field practice was included in this department since 2010 to 2012 and as a result the department was called "TheDepartment of students’registration and field practice". In 2013 the field practice was excluded and now it is called"TheDepartment of students’registration".

Since 2006, the department was supervised by Mikhail Aliyev, colleagues who worked in the first part of division were G.Tarassova,L.Shubayeva, S. Nurkhanova, A. Abdrayeva.

The following people workedin the department: A.Mukhanbetzhanova, N.Emberdiyeva, B.Sadbekova, A.Kozhamkulova, G.Beisenova, G. Dyusenbaeva, Zh.Medinayeva, S.Karatochinova, A.Shabanbayeva, S. Aliyeva during existence of the department.


The main objectives of the department of students’registration are:

• Arrangement and establishment of personal affairs and student interns;

• Maintaining of an electronic database enrolled students and interns;

• Preparation of orders for transferring the documents in connection with the change of surname, name and the father’s name;

• Maintaining statistics contingent of students;

• Entry of students’ information restored and transferred from other educational organizations;

• Updating students’ files;

• Preparation of statistical reports on a 3 - NC;

• Responding to various internal and external requests for contingent of students;

• Order, registration, storage, execution and registration of strict reporting forms (certificates, duplicate diplomas, certificates issued by the citizens have not completed their education) ;

• providing the dean’s offices with blank documentations (transcripts, student cards, index cards);

• Organization of work on numeration and issue of students’ ID cards, record books and their duplicates;

• Issue of a duplicate of diploma supplements to graduates of the University.


The Department is accountable in it's work to:

• Rector and vice-rector for educational activities in all activities of the department;

• Vice-rectors in all other activities of the University.

The Department of students’ registration is equipped with computers connected to the Internet, printers, copiers and scanners that allow you to serve internal and external stakeholders more fully and efficiently. In 2006, the department purchased the electronic program that issues diplomas to graduates. In 2012, the program was replaced by a more advanced program in three languages (Kazakh Russian, English) , as well as an electronic database of students and interns with automated registration of a contingent and formation of various reports on all the requested data .

Department interacts with all the structural units of the university, as well as parent organizations, other educational institutions and law enforcement agencies of the country.


All employees of the department show stable personal qualities, creative, well aware of the basic principles of the higher education institution.The department’sstaff is full of creative strength and energy to solve problems inexhaustible. They are respected among staff and students.

Contact data

Astana, Beibitshilik str., 49a, 
the main building, 2nd floor, Office 201,211
Tel . : 8 (7172) 53-94-35