Department «E-University»


Akpolatova Gulnur Momynovna

Head of the Department

From 1995 to 1997 studied at the Medical College of Lenger majoring in Nursing. " In 2003 she graduated from Akmola State Medical Academy with a degree in pediatrics. From 2003 to 2004 she studied in internship Akmola State Medical Academy, an ambulance emergency medical care." In 2009 she defended her thesis. In the same year was awarded the degree of candidate of medical sciences. teacher of general and clinical pharmacology. She is also an associate professor of general and clinical pharmacology with teaching experience of 15 years.


Karshalova Zarina Baurzhanovna

Chief specialist

Abilmajenova Lunara Kayratkyzy

Chief specialist

Kuanbek Nazgul Sartaikyzy


Sadvakasova Akaisha Kartanbaevna


Tuimetai Inkar Aytbaykyzy


Contact data

49A Beibitshilik str., 1st floor 
phone: 8(7172) 53-94-47