Zhaxylykova Gulnara Adilkhanovna


was born on 6 March 1963 in the Eastern Kazakhstan region.

Education Records: 
1979-1985 Semipalatinsk, the Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute, the faculty of “Paediatrics”. 1985-1986 an internship in “Paediatrics” based on the Ulan Central Regional Hospital in the Eastern Kazakhstan. 
1997 the Candidate of Medical Sciences, code 14.00.28 – paediatrics, Almaty, the Scientific Centre of Paediatrics and Paediatric Surgery, defence of the Candidate’s thesis on the topic of “The Prevalence, Structure, and Clinical Peculiarities of Urinary Diseases among the Children of the Semipalatinsk Region”. 
2005 the Doctor of Medical Sciences, code 14.00.09 - paediatrics, Almaty, the Scientific Centre of Paediatrics and Paediatric Surgery, defence of the Doctoral thesis on the topic of “The Respiratory Allergosis among the Children of the Northern-Eastern Region of the Republic of Kazakhstan” 

Work record: 
08.08.1986- 25.09.1989 Semipalatinsk, Children’s City Hospital №4, District Paediatrician 
26.09.1989-17.11.1999 Semipalatinsk, Semipalatinsk State Medical Academy, Assistant in the Department of Faculty Paediatrics 
1999-2002 Semipalatinsk, SSMA, student of Doctoral studies at the Paediatrics Department 
2002-2006 SSMA, Dean of Paediatrics Course of the Faculty of Advanced Training of Doctors 
2003-2008 Pavlodar, the Public Association «Pavlodar Association of Paediatricians», Chairman 
2006-2008 Pavlodar, the Public Association «Association of Independent Medical Experts on the Pavlodar Region», Chairman 
2006-2008 Pavlodar, The Pavlodar branch of SSMA, Dean of the Faculty of Advanced Training of Doctors 
2008-2010 Astana, the JSC AMU, Pro-Rector for Academic Activity 
The author of 160 scientific-practical articles, 3 educational-methodical books, 3 provisional patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Supervised 2 candidates. Doctor Zhaksylykova has diplomas for conscientious work in the area of medicine. 

At present, 

Vice-Rector for educational-pedagogical works 

is managing following structural sub-units: 
1. Deanery of the General Medicine, Stomatology, and Pharmacy Faculty
2. Department of Kazakh Language 
3. Department of Russian and Latin Languages 
4. Department of General Topographical Anatomy 
5. Department of Biology 
6. Department of Pathophysiology named after V.V. Korpachev 
7. Department of Physiology 
8. Department of Foreign Languages 
9. Department of Information Science and Mathematics with a course of Medical Biophysics 
10. Department of Microbiology and Virology 
11. Department of Kazakhstan History 
12. Department of Philosophy and Sociology 
13. Department of General and Biological Chemistry 
14. Department of General and Clinical Pharmacology 
15. Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines 
16. Military Department 
17. Course of Radiobiology and Radiation Hygiene based on the RSC 
18. Department of Pathological Anatomy 
19. Department of General Surgery 
20. Department of Therapeutic and Surgical Stomatology 
21. Department of Orthopaedic and Paediatric Stomatology 
22. Department of Psychiatry and Narcology 
23. Department of Neurology, General and Medical Psychology 
24. Department of Introduction to the Clinic 
25. Department of Histology