Galitskiy Frants Antonovich


Doctor of Medical Science, Professor

Pole, he was born in January 31, 1958

Birth-place: Chkalovskiy district of Kokchetav region

Academic background: in 1975-1981, he graduated from the medical faculty of Tselinograd State Medical Institute, in 1981-1983 clinical internship at the Department of Forensic Medicine (TSMI).

Personal Information:

His career began in Tselinograd regional bureau of forensic medical examination as a forensic expert, then in 1983-1985 he was the head of the department. In 1985, he defended his thesis (Moscow). In 1985-1996, he worked as an assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor of the Department of Forensic Medicine TSGMI. In 1995, he defended his doctoral thesis (Research Institute of Forensic Medicine, Moscow), in 1996 by the decision of SSQC RF. In 1997, he was awarded with the degree of Doctor in Medicine by the decision SSQC under the Cabinet of Ministers RK. In 1998, by the decision of the SSQC RK he was awarded with the academic title of professor. In 1996-2010, he worked as head of the forensic medicine department, and also during 2002-2004 he worked as Vice-rector for scientific activities in KazSMA.

Scientific achievements:

Author of over 100 scientific articles, 2 monographs, 18 inventions and patents, under his leadership and defended 17 theses with a degree in “legal medicine”, since 1992 he has the highest qualification category of forensic pathologist, also he was awarded with "Inventor of the USSR" (1985), " Higher achiever in healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2006) and award pin "Honorary worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2010).

Vice-rector for scientific and clinical activities coordinates:

-  Dean’s office of postgraduate education;

- Faculty of continuing professional development and further education;

- Clinical work and evidence-based medicine department;

- Internal diseases № 2 chair;

- Childhood diseases № 2 chair;

- Obstetrics and gynecology with the course neonatology chair;

- Surgical diseases № 2 chair;

- Radiology № 2 chair;

- Forensic medicine № 2 chair;

- General practice № 2 chair;

- Gastroenterology chair;

- Endocrinology chair;

- Anesthesiology and critical care medicine № 2 chair;

- Otorhinolaryngology chair;

- Pulmonology and tuberculosis chair;

- Endosurgery chair;

- Public health № 2 chair;

- Management and operations expertise in healthcare chair;

- Neurology with a course of psychiatry and addiction chair;

- Radiobiological research Institute;

- Radiobiological research department;

- Dosimetry and radiation cytogenetics labaratory;

- Radiochemistry and radiospectrometry laboratory;

- Radiation epidemiology and health department;

- Radiation epidemiology and medical-dosimetric register laboratory;

- Health and radiation safety laboratory;

- Radiobiology, radiation hygiene chair;

- Science department;

- International cooperation department;

- The editors of scientific journals;

- Vivarium;

- Regional training centre.