Chair of preventive medicine and nutricology


Dalenov Yerbolat


Head of the Preventive Medicine and Nutrition department, Academician of the Academy of Preventive Medicine of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Medicine, Professor.

All work and scientific activity of Professor Yerbolat Dalenov connected with “Tselinograd Medical Institute”, now it’s “Astana Medical University”.

In 1972 after the defense of his  Dissertation work he worked in the Department of Pathological Physiology first as an Assistant, then became Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and  Professor. On a voluntary basis he served as a Head of Research laboratory . During the period from 1983 to 1987, he served as Vice-Dean of Curative Faculty on a part-time basis, as well as worked as a Research adviser of Resuscitation department of Emergency hospital. He was a Chairman of a young scientists’ council and a member of the district and the regional committee of Komsomol (in 1970s).

Defended his Doctor’s Thesis in Tomsk, 1993. He has broad scientific interests which  connects with an exploring of pathogenesis of thermal and extremal status, with a research of general mechanism of health and progression of the disease, as well as its assessment and correction, actively engaged scientific work in the field of Nutrition, contributes to the solving problem of healthy and treating nutrition, studying factual nutrition and nutrition status of north region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

He supervised 5 Doctors of Science, 24 Candidates of Science, 21 Master and PhD,  thereby was created Scientific school Preventive medicine.

He was awarded with “Letter of appreciation” of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan for special services in Public Health Care, Certificate of Merit by the Ministry of Health care (2004 year) by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2004). During 2010-2011 academic year He was “The best mentor among theoretic departments”, received a title of “The best university teacher in 2011” . In 2013 was awarded the Order “Құрмет”.

  Since 9th September 2019 professor Y.Dalenov was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Public Health and Management, which was reorganized from Faculty of Pharmacy, Public Health, Nursing and Stomatology.