Chair of Philological Disciplines


Didar Rymzhanovna Zharikova

head of chair

Didar Rymzhanovna Zharikova Since 1991 works at the medical university “Astana”Since 2007 heads  the department of philological disciplines

Didar Rymzhanovna Zharikova was born in 1968 in the city of Karkalinsk, Karaganda region.

In 1991 she graduated from the philological faculty of Karaganda State University with a degree in Kazakh language and Kazakh literature. After graduating from Karaganda State University she began working as a teacher at Tselinograd State Medical University.

In 2010 she defended her candidate dissertation, she is a candidate of pedagogical sciences.

In 2007 she headed the department of the Kazakh language.

She was awarded with the Certificate of Merit of the Astana Language Development Department and the «Qurmetti ustaz» badge for her contribution to the development of education and healthcare.

The most significant research work of Didar Rymzhanovna is the work "Shipagerlik bayan", devoted to the issues of traditional medicine. She is the author of teaching-methodical textbook aids “Qazaq language”, “Exersises on qazaq language”. A number of articles have been published in local and foreign publications.


Kairbayeva Kuralay

a candidate of philological sciences, associate professor. Responsible for SSRW.

Dyusembaeva Gulkhan

associate professor
a candidate of philological sciences, associate professor.

Bekenova Sakyp


Doskenova Korlan

senior teacher

Abdrakhmanova Kopei

senior teacher
master of pedagogics.

Kosdaurova Zhanar

senior teacher
a master of pedagogics

Оmаrtaeva Gulfairuz

senior teacher
master of humanities

Koylybaeva Kenzhegul

senior teacher
master of pedagogics

Moldagaliyeva Raushan

senior teacher

Netalin Darkhan

senior teacher

Izbasarova Saule

senior teacher

Fazylova Aigul

senior teacher

Topanov Mayra

senior teacher

Nurasheva Gaukhar

senior teacher

Alkeeva Saule

senior teacher

Baimagambetova Kulbarshin

senior teacher

Mukatayeva Aisulu

senior teacher

Zhusupova Azina

senior teacher

Zhusupova Dameli


Elubek Saltanat


Sarmekenova Asel

senior teacher

Nursadykova Zhanar


Tazhibaeva Zhanagul

senior teacher

Shaimerdenova Gulsana

senior teacher

Zamalieva Aliya

senior teacher

Karbaeva Aiman

senior teacher

Tulekeeva Saniya

senior teacher

Sekbaeva Zhupar

senior teacher

Kolyaeva Ludmila


Ryskulova Alia


Aytkhozhina Aizhan

senior teacher

Babzhanova Gulnara

senior teacher

Smatova Arailym


Khamitova Sharban

senior lab assistant

Formation story

The Chair of foreign languages has been existing since 1964. The first head of the Chair of foreign languages of Tselinograd Medical Institute was Serduik I.P.. Then Abramov L.P. was the head of the chair. In 1984 the chair was led by the candidate of Philological Sciences, associate professor Shafarenko Y.Y.. In 1999 the head of the foreign languages course was Levus G.P.. From September 1, 2008 up to May 25, 2009 the chair was led by Kaliyeva Aizhan  Kairbekovna, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor. Between 2009-2011, the head of the chair was Akhmetova Gulbanu Mergenovna, master of pedagogical sciences. From 2011 up to 2019 the head of the chair was Kaliyeva  Aizhan  Kairbekovna.


To teach students to speak in foreign languages fluently.

To teach students to know medical terms in the foreign language.

To broaden the range of interests of students by means of educating activities held in the foreign language.

To improve professional – pedagogical qualification of the teachers.

To introduce new innovative methods into academic process.

Learning and mastering innovative methods of professional education at Higher Education Institutes.

Realization of scientific – pedagogic researches of the teachers.

Improving the quality of teaching on the basis of new methods of training.

Holding the master- classes on foreign languages.

Strengthening the relationship with the Department of Language development.

Organizing the activities on occasion of holidays at the lessons.

Publishing the electronic and teaching – methodical materials.


Participation in seminars, teaching-methodical conference, training at courses.

Work over the theme of master dissertation. (preparing scientific articles, theses).

Department of Philological disciplines takes an active part in scientific and cultural life o9f the University. The staff of the department take part in international, republican, inter university scientific conferences.

  The department of philological disciplines come across to the social activities with great responsibility.

The special place in the history of the University is given to the improvement of the state language status. The department is the integral part of the University policy on mastering the state language. In connection with the tasks put forward the office-correspondence work in the state language, systemic teaching of kazakh to the University students.


In 2011 head of the department Zharykova D.R., a senior teacher Shlyapova A.M. were awarded with a badge “Qurmetti ustaz”. The language department of the city of Astana awarded the senior teachers Doskenova K.A., Bekenova S.K. with ‘Paper of Honour’ for the long fruitful work. The teacher of the department were awarded with papers of gratitude continuously.

The department of “Philological disciplines” is on the way of continuous growth. At present at the department of the Philological disciplines work the teachers who master their subjects very well. At the department of “Philological disciplines” there are 3 candidates of sciences, 3 associate professors, 14 masters, 263 senior teachers, 3 teachers, 1 assistant-technician.

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5th floor 
Tel: 44-41-32